The manuscripts for the 30th International Conference on Structural Failures should be submitted through the registration system no later then 05.02.2022.

Manuscripts accepted by the Scientific Committee will be published as chapters in a scientific monograph. Moreover, extended abstracts in English will be published as conference materials. Each author should send the full text of the article in English (as a chapter in the monograph) and an extended abstract in English (for conference materials). Furthermore, papers selected by the Scientific Committee will be published in Archives of Civil Engineering (ISSN 1230-2945).

The manuscripts will be evaluated by the Scientific Committee of the Conference based on the full text prepared in English. From among the qualified manuscripts the Scientific Committee will select the ones to be presented in the form of a poster.

Manuscripts and abstracts should be prepared according to the *.docx templates provided. It is necessary to prepare and submit the paper and abstract in *.docx and *.pdf formats.

Downloadable templates:
- Manuscript templates for authors (*.docx)
- Extended abstract templates (*.docx)
- License Agreement (copyright) (*.pdf)

Rules for naming files:
- Name1_Name2_fulltext.docx/.pdf
- Name1_Name2_abstract.docx/.pdf
- Name1_Name2_license_agr.docx/.pdf

Manuscripts should be submitted through the registration system.



Presentations during plenary sessions should be prepared to last 10 minutes. After the end of a given session, additional time is provided for discussion and questions from the participants of the Conference. The presentation may be delivered in Polish or English (simultaneous translation will be provided during the conference).

Presentations should be prepared in English, in .ppt or .pptx format. Please provide ready-made presentations immediately before a given session.


1. The poster should be prepared in B1 format (width 700 x height 1000 mm);

2. The poster should be made on the template prepared by the organizers:
-> format *.pptx <-;

3. During the poster session, a competition for the best poster will be held. The author, in a short speech, should present the problems of his paper;

4. The poster should be printed and handed over to the organizers no later than one day before the planned poster session.