The full-text English Manuscripts will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee in a peer review process. After acceptance the papers will be published as Open Source materials in Conference Proceeding. The Proceedings are enlisted in MATEC Web of Conferences, which is indexed in Scopus and Web of Science databases. Additionally, a book of abstracts containing four page long comprehensive abstracts of individual papers will be published.

When preparing the Manuscript, be advised to use provided templates with predefined formatting styles. It is required to submit the Manuscript as a *.docx and *.pdf file.

Downloadable templatess:
- Manuscript templates for authors (*.docx)
- Abstract templates for authors (*.docx)

It is required that the *.pdf files be prepared in accordance with the guidelines:
- MATEC Web of Conferences Guidelines;
- Guide for embedding fonts

Verification of the correctness of generating the *.pdf file can be performed on the following page:

File names should be as followed rule:
- Surname1_Surname2_fulltext.docx/.pdf
- Surname1_Surname2_abstract.docx/.pdf

If you have a Polish Language Co-Author you can additionally submit a four page long abstract in Polish language that will be printed in the Polish Abstract Book:
- Surname1_Surname2_abstractPL.docx/.pdf

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